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Oslo is the capital of Norway. Personally it hasn't thrilled me like Bergen. The city is very "cold", but the positive aspect is certainly its futuristic vein: you will only see Hybrid and electric cars, everything works with apps and the citizens' sense of civility is enviable. There are, however, attractions that recall the culture of the country, such as the Folklore Museum. Bergen is much more distinctive. Unforgettable is the fish market and the view from the top. It also has its own airport, in case you don't want to arrive from Oslo. Let's start from the capital: I summarize the main points of interest with a map for organizing your trip on the road easly with these itineraries.


Teatro opera theater oslo norvegia norwa

Opera House

From 10 to 21, Sat & Sun from 12 to 21. Free entrance to the building

The Theater is the true symbol of the city. The upper part is free and allows you to have a beautiful sea view. For the internal part, it is necessary to book the guided tour in English.

cattedrale church chiesa cathedral oslo

Oslo Cathedral

Every day from 10 to 16. Friday from 16 to 6. Free admission

The Church of Our Savior was consecrated in 1697. The most important aspect are the stained glass windows and the ceiling painted with scenes from the New and Old Testament.

museo nazionale museum national oslo nor

National Museum

Currently closed

The complex is currently closed for a new opening in 2022.

castello castle akershus oslo norvegia n

Akershus Castle

Times vary according to the period. Free entry

Fortress located on the promontory overlooking the Oslo Fjord. Today some rooms are used by the Government as state rooms. The structure has medieval origins.

museo folclore museum folklore oslo norv

Folklore Museum

From 11 to 16. Admission 15 euros

Definitely my favorite attraction in the city. Here you really feel the Norwegian culture, as the museum consists of 150 buildings from different regions of the country, including a typical wooden church of the place: the Stavkirke. Also not to be missed is the Viking Ship Museum

parco vigeland park oslo norvegia norway

Vigeland Park

Always open. Free entry

The Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland will charm you with his statue depicting children, the elderly and particularly "passionate" lovers!


Monte Floyen Mountain bryggen bergen Våg

Mount Floyen


Always open (the cable car from 8 to 20, Sat & Sun 10 - 20)

Taking the Fløibanen funicular for 7 euros (Vetrlidsallmenningen 23A, 5014 Bergen, Norway) you can admire the city from the top of Mount Floyen. An alternative would be a half hour trek, which however I recommend going downhill rather than uphill. Enchanting is the grove at the top.

mercato pesce fish maket bryggen bergen



Always open (the cable car from 8 to 20, Sat & Sun 10 - 20)

Unmissable stop in Bergen, located in the port of Bryggen. Inside the market (Fisketorget) there are small stands and restaurants where you will taste excellent fish. Here you can find the best salmon ever, together with Monkfish, Whale etc .. The triptychs with 3 tastings range from 30 to 35 euros.

bryggen bergen Vågen vagen norvegia norw

Bryggen Harbor

Always open (the cable car from 8 to 20, Sat & Sun 10 - 20)

Located on the bay of Vågen, this small port has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its beauty. You will feel like you are part of a postcard admiring the colorful wooden houses following one another in the sunset lights.

quartiere bryggen bergen Vågen vagen nor



From 9 to 4 - closed on Sundays

Entering the alleys of the colorful houses of Bryggen harbor, there is an old quarter entirely made of wood. Here you will find typical Swedish shops and you can buy the original lucky Trolls.

cattedrale chiesa church cathedral brygg

Bergen Cathedral

Always open

Built in the second half of the 1100s, this cathedral was restored after two fires occurred in 1623 and 1640 respectively. The interior of this impressive religious building was designed in Rococo style by architect Christian Christie in 1880.

Sailor monument monumento marinai brygge

Sailor's Monument

Always open

Located in the center of the Torgallmenningen square, this monument is dedicated to the sailors. The sculptor who created the work is Dyre Vaa.

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