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Finally the adventurous and perhaps the most beautiful part of the journey begins. Once we landed in Oslo, we drove to Bergen and, reaching the Atlantic Road, we returned to the capital forming a ring, passing through the whole southern part of the country. An adventure that has given us breathtaking trekking, waterfalls in every corner, unspoiled nature and landscapes that recall those of the Lord of the Rings. The advice is to create a map with various stages, in such a way as to calculate with Google the exact time needed between one point of interest and another, so as not to lag too far behind and plan better every day. Below is a small summary of the journey for organizing your trip on the road easly with these itineraries:

chiesa church heddal stavkirke Fiordi No

Heddal Church

From 9 to 18 - 70 Nok

There are 28 classic wooden churches in Norway, called Stave Churches, and that of Heddal is the most beautiful and best preserved. Near the church, in addition to a wonderful cornfield, is the Heddal and Notodden Museum Stroke, which I absolutely recommend. Here you can see a wonderful park and Norwegian-style houses.

sedesana Fiordi Norvegesi fjord trekking


From 9 to 18 - 70 Nok

Discovered by chance on the way to Lysefjord (Rv9 170, 4747 Valle, Norway), this beautiful oasis is a great stop for a nice summer swim ... if you dare to dive in.

Kjeragbolten kjerag parco parking Fiordi


From 9 to 18 - 70 Nok

Park at KJERAG Parking for 300 Nok where there is also a restaurant area. From here the route to Kjerag, the highest and most famous mountain in the Lysefjord, starts. The route is challenging. It took me about 5h30 to get there and back. In some cases it is necessary to climb by using steel cables. Wear appropriate shoes and ask the parking for the weather conditions up at the top. I do not recommend taking the classic photo on the Kjeragbolten boulder for those suffering from vertigo because it can be dangerous, as there are no protections. That said, the trek to this fjord is breathtaking!

Il villaggio di Storås & Sjusjøen villag

The village of Storås & Sjusjøen

Always open

To protect themselves from rain and cold, the Norwegians cover the roofs of their houses with grass. The village of Storås, is where I found the opportunity to take the most suggestive photos and is located at this address: Storås 3, 4443 Tjørhom, Norway. Another beautiful village in this style is Sjusjøen which you will find along this road: Gutubakken 55, 2612 Sjusjøen, Norway.

La Scala di Flørli steps Fiordi Norveges

The Flørli Staircase

Always open

To reach this 4444-step trek along a thermal power plant, you need to take the ferry from Lysebotn Ferjekai to Flørli

( From here a 2-hour trek starts that will allow you to admire the fjord from above. There is also a hostel in the marina in case you want to stay overnight before returning to the ferry (check the ship timetables).

roccia preikestolen rock Fiordi Norveges

Preikestolen trekking

Always open

I recommend this trek in the summer season, which runs from April to October. The difficulty is medium, use suitable shoes. The total time is 4h. Park at Pulpit Rock Parking for NOK 250.

odda Fiordi Norvegesi fjord trekking hik


Always open

This location is perfect for a break. Rich in hotels and attractions, it is ideal for finding an overnight stay if you want to reach various points of interest in the area, including Trolltunga.

trolltunga Fiordi Norvegesi fjord trekki


Always open

This is the longest trek in Norway. I recommend a guide, which is mandatory from October to May. Use suitable shoes and leave no later than 8, so that you can return in time, given the duration of the trek up to 12h. The departure can be from Skjeggedal Carpark (longer, up to 12h) or from Mågelitopp (up to 10h) with 600 Nok (book online

weterfall cascate Vøringfossen Fiordi No


Always open

In order not to be repetitive, I will list the main waterfalls to visit: Latefossen, Vøringfossen (the most beautiful, in the photo), Langfossen, Steinsdalsfossen (with a bridge you pass behind it), Tvindefossen, Vettisfossen (in a wonderful natural park, I recommend Trekking through the woods, via a wooden bridge).

Ghiacciai Fiordi Norvegesi fjord trekkin


Always open

Before reaching Geirangerfjord, along the Fv63, you pass through the glaciers. The temperatures here are really low even in the middle of August. I recommend booking a sleeping facility first. I have been in a beautiful bay: Sognefjellshytta - Sognefjellsvegen 4974, 2687 Bøverdalen, Norway.

geirangerfjord Fiordi Norvegesi fjord tr


Always open

The Fjord is worth a visit. Inside there is a small port with restaurants from which the ferry departs to visit the famous seven sisters waterfalls. I honestly don't recommend this last tour, as they are nothing special.

trollstigen strada road Fiordi Norvegesi


Always open

Serpentine road with 12 hairpin bends.

viking valley Fiordi Norvegesi fjord tre

Viking Valley

Always open

Nice village with a Viking museum and the remains of ancient ships.

Fiordi Norvegesi fjord trekking hiking r


Always open

This Trekking is pretty cool. All uphill with a good difference in height. The view from above, however, repays all the effort made. It starts from here:

Romsdalsvegen 24, 6300 Åndalsnes, Norway.

atlantic road strada atlantico Fiordi No

Atlantic Road

Always open

Driving along the Atlantic Road is a great experience, even if the weather conditions in that area are not always the best. I recommend a raincoat .

camping campeggio Fiordi Norvegesi fjord


Always open

Among the most beautiful structures I have seen I recommend Dønfoss Camping: magnificent totally eco-friendly village, with a wonderful natural swimming pool (in the photo) and Trollstigen Camping, completely in Troll style.

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