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"Travel is the only

thing you buy that

make you Richer."


Anthony Bourdain

How do you organize a road trip? Self-guided list

Here are some tips to follow when organizing a typically On The Road trip. Some may seem trivial, but they will help you improve the quality / price ratio of your experience and better manage time along the way.

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Once you have identified the desired destination (I recommend to do this at least 6 months in advance), block your stay on

Filter by "free cancellation", sort by price and find the choice that seems best to you. This operation is very important because it guarantees you a safe and low cost booking.

Subsequently, close to the stay, you can more calmly decide, based on your budget and the needs of the moment, which hotel to choose, but you will still have a "rescue anchor" if you do not find what is right for you.


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Surfing on the Skyscanner website, once the route has been set, at the top left there is the bell icon, which will allow you to have continuous alerts as the flight price changes. This way you can block the ticket when it reaches the cost that you think is most convenient.

PS: Don't start your search on the weekend, prices are often higher.

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Once you have identified the destinations to visit, create the route to follow with Google Maps, ordering the points of interest in such a way as to have a uniform route. This operation will save you a lot of time on vacation and you will be able to visit more places optimizing the trip.

With Google Maps you can identify up to 10 points of interest. If you have more, or create more maps, or you can use Google My Maps.

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Are you undecided on the destination and you are not very skilled in organizing the trip?

There are apps that constantly recommend you about offers and Last Minute. I personally use 2, which I think are the best:

1) Poracci in viaggio

2) Pirati in Viaggio

You can also search using filters, so as to specify a precise location of interest.

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Trip Advisor is also a huge forum where you will find many users who will be able to give you the right tips.

Open a post about the place you want to visit and ask for support from those who already have experience.

Often what we read on the Internet is not true. Let's find out about those who already know the place.

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Couchsurfing is a huge community of travelers. It works like a real travel social network, where you can meet people from all over the world, ask for help from local users or be the guide of your city yourself. If you do not have many pretensions, the site allows you to travel at no cost, asking other users to be hosted.

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Once you have identified the places of interest (ES: the city or town you are going to visit), follow the relevant page on Instagram. Very often users will allow you to discover little sponsored but equally beautiful glimpses or areas through their photos.

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Most of the trips made involved the car abroad. The three aspects highlighted in the title are essential to understand the real cost of the rental. First of all, for booking, I recommend, easy and intuitive. To calculate the cost of petrol and tolls use the website As for the latter, always search on the relevant countries if you need to buy the Vignetta or get a Telepass. For car insurance, if the rental takes place on a site other than that of the car rental company, the platform will guarantee you a maximum coverage deductible. When collecting the car, the agency will 100% offer you their insurance that will allow you to lower the deductible and not to anticipate anything in case of accidents. The latter solution is more expensive. If you choose to use only the protection of the third-party site, the cost will be lower, but you will have to anticipate the costs in case of damage and then wait for the refund. The choice between the two types of insurance is subjective and often linked to the perceived country risk. For example, I reinforced my protection by paying an additional insurance directly on site in Transylvania, because I knew that the roads were not very paved ... and in fact I destroyed the wheel !!!

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Before leaving, make sure that the country to visit has the same currency as you. If not, I suggest you download an App for calculating the exchange rate. I personally use Oanda Currency Converter, always updated at the current rate. By entering the sum, the software automatically calculates the equivalent value.

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Hi, I'm Angelo, and I was born in 86 '.

I have a question for you: "How do you organize a road trip?"

I have a Self-Guided with tips lists for a trip on the road ready for you!


Traveling is my passion. I prefer to organize personally my adventure, preferring the "on the road" mode, because it is the only one that allows you to discover the characteristics of a place at 360 degrees.

On this page you will find some of the experiences made in recent years. Selftravelling 's goal is to help all travelers to organize their vacation, according to all different needs. This site is a Self-Guided:  I want to share my experiences, so that they can be the right starting point in planning everything better, without leaving anything to chance.

I start immediately with two adventures, the first one concerns August 2020, with the trip to Portugal, between Lisbon, Sintra and l'Algrave. In detail, go to the dedicated section: Menu - Travels - Portugal.

The second one is from 2019 in Norway, between Oslo, Bergen, the Fjords and the Lofoten Islands. Here too the section is: Menu - Travel - Norway.

Among the next destinations to explore there will certainly be Cappadocia and Iceland.

Well, now:

Organize your Travel (tours & trips) On The Road with my Slef-Guided.

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